Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Psychiatric Nursing Homes?

Psychiatric Nursing Homes provide stay-in care for patients with psychiatric conditions. The care provided includes nursing and medical care, as well as therapy services

The Psychiatric Nursing Home team will care for?

The Psychiatric Nursing Home team will care for your loved one and you in terms of:

  • General and skilled nursing care
  • Medical care
  • Therapy services

Choice of Ward Accommodation

Q: Can I choose my type of ward?

A: Yes, you may choose any type of ward accommodation. However, patients are advised to choose an appropriate ward type based on affordability.

Q: Can my family member stay overnight with me in the ward?

A: Only patients who are admitted to single rooms, i.e. 1-bedded ward, are allowed to have an immediate family member stay over with them. Additional charges may apply. Please check with the nurse on duty for more details.

Hospital Charges and Financial Assistance

Q: How much will my hospital stay cost?

A: You will be given financial counselling on the estimated hospital bill size upon admission. Your actual bill may differ from estimates depending on your medical condition, treatment and length of hospitalisation.

Q: What rates will I pay for follow-up at SOC after discharge?

A: For follow-up treatment at SOCs after discharge, 1-bedded, 2-bedded and B1 4-bedded patients will be charged at private rates and B2 4-6 bedded and C 8-12 beded patients at subsidised rates.

Q: What if I have difficulty paying for my hospital expenses?

A: You can inform our staff who can refer you to our Medical Social Workers. They will assess your situation and make appropriate recommendations on how the hospital can provide financial assistance.